Ggame Node

The node of the blockchain game is the application role in the blockchain game network responsible for packaging transactions and generating new blocks. It can hide the identity and transaction information of ordinary users by using encryption algorithms and privacy protection technology, improve the trust and participation of users in the blockchain network, and promote the protection of privacy and data security. And get the corresponding rewards of the blockchain application ecosystem.

BingoX - Web3 Chain Quotient Platform

Linking the digital economy which would empower the physical industry. By innovative technology and business models which would reduce costs, improving efficiency and providing unlimited links to various industries and capital globally. We provide services for business alliances, online consumption, cross border e-commerce, cultural and entertainment and connection with people to people services.

BingoX Business Game Chain Build Web3 on BGC Chain

A community-driven blockchain ecosystem of Layer-1 and Layer-2 scaling solutions.
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Why BingoX?

A globally innovative Web3 Chain Quotient platform!By innovating technology and business models, reducing costs, improving efficiency, and providing unlimited links to various industries and capital globally, we serve business alliances, online consumption, cross-border e-commerce, cultural and entertainment, and life services.


Technology,Talent. Money,Resources and flow. Supply Chain, Factory and Site.


Multidimensional application+value linkage+fair incentives.


Global innovative chain commerce platform.

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Join BingoX, Make money, Sell more, Buy good goods etc.

The most trusted and secured crypto wallet

Buy, Stored, Collect NFTs, exchanged and earned crypto, Please join people using BingoX.

Easy H5Wallet to the BingoX MainnetBlockchain

a H5, client-side interface helping you interact with the BingoX Mainnet Blockchain. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to generate wallets, interact with smart contracts, and so much more.

The busines platform for BingoX -Web3 chain Quotient

Through technological and business model innovation, low-cost and efficient global unlimited links with people with expertise on finance and commercial products in order to create a win win situation.

WEB3.0 cultural and entertainment industry, Gamefi

The sharing of digital assets having a commercial market of several trillion yuan comprising of cultural, entertainment industry, games ,exports, internet celebrities, films and television culture which have creation storage.

Global Cross border Chain Quotient Group Matrix

There is an achievement of mutual creation based on global cross -border chain Quotient group matrix.

Global cross-border Chain Quotient

Globalisation , digitisation and industrialization are interconnected which are beneficial in various areas of prospect worldwide.

TikTok traffic resource link

Widely linking with TikTok's traffic resources from various countries worldwide which would eventually assist in the development of Chain Quotient.

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How can I get BingoX coins?

Via an exchange. by BingoX -Web3 chain Quotient or Global Cross border Chain Quotient Group Matrix or games you can get BingoX coins.Accepting BingoX coins for Goods & Services.

Events business & community

The transformation process of human social transformation: Agriculture" Industry Informat ion Digital Intelligence each era reshapes the world economy and commerce. Now, based on multidimensional technological changes, the world is accelerating towards the era of digital economy. Global digital chain commerce platform has great potential--

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